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Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas


CreateGet in the holiday spirit by adding a few of these creative decorating touches to your home. They are sure to inspire Christmas Cheer throughout the holiday season!

Evergreen Trio

Fresh miniature evergreens spread Christmas cheer in an unexpected way. Pot a few of the fragrant plants in white pots and pitchers. Embellish the vessels with a short Christmas message, such as “Joy” or “Noel,” by attaching one letter (printed on or glued to cardstock) to each container with ribbon, yarn, or twine.
 Tip: Chipboard letters would add a fun 3-D effect to the display.

Graceful Pairing

Make a statement with a simple arrangement partnering stately amaryllis with sparkly Christmas ornaments. Place wet florist’s foam into a circular vase with straight sides. Wrap together three or more amaryllis stems with a ribbon. Insert the arrangement into the foam and surround the base with white carnations or baby roses. Thread string through ornament hangers and tie the lines of ornaments, layer by layer, around the vase, hot-gluing in place to secure.

Warm & Woolly Candleholders

Turn your home into an oasis of warmth with these holiday sweater candleholders. Wrap a rectangle of cable-knit sweater wrong side out around a vase and pin in place. Trim excess fabric, allowing extra fabric at the bottom and top. Remove the rectangle and sew along pinned line. Slip fabric over vase, gluing sweater fabric to the top and bottom of the vase, making extra effort to keep it flat on the bottom for stability. For festive touches, add velvet ribbon or a felt flower.

Jingling Bell Jars

This tall centerpiece becomes the focal point of the table. Fill silver platters and cake stands with bright ornaments and cover with bell jars for holiday decor.

Seasonal Fashion

Give an ordinary pillow a touch of Christmas style with holiday-theme silk scarves. Wrap scarves around a pillow to resemble a package, and tie the ends together in a pretty bow. Hand-stitch the bow to the pillow to secure if desired. Use red satin ribbon to tie large red jingle bells to the center of the bow. Knot the ribbon ends and trim with scissors.

Holiday Silver Service

Use silver hollowware, trays, and candelabra for elegant Christmas decorating. Arrange several pieces of varying sizes, heights, and shapes on a large tray and place on a side table, ottoman, or sideboard. Include Christmas balls, pinecones, and framed photos to enhance the display.

Gifts on a Pedestal

Cake plates seldom get used steadily so put one to work in your Christmas display. Lidded boxes wrapped in coordinating scrapbook papers and stacked from largest to smallest make their grand stand on a square cake pedestal. Pretty velvet ribbon pulls it all together.

Cookie Cutter Christmas Wreath

Make a magical wreath with cookie cutters. Purchase a bag of seasonal colored cookie cutters for a few bucks or use vintage pieces you’ve collected. Form the cutter shapes into a circle, and then wire the pieces together. Attach a pretty bow with florist’s wire and hang the wreath from a nail.

Ornament Muffin Pan

When you can’t find trimmings to suit your holiday decorating palette, grab a can of spray paint. Separate the caps from old Christmas balls, paint gold caps silver, and spray the balls to coordinate with your color scheme. Showcase your handiwork in snowy-white paper cups in a ceramic muffin pan. Display atop a like-colored kitchen towel.

Frame Display

Transform an empty frame into Christmas wall art. Thread a glass ball ornament onto a narrow length of ribbon. Tie the ends together and tack to the back of a wooden picture frame so the ball hangs in the middle. Hang the frame on the wall from a pretty ribbon tied in a secure bow.
 Tip: For instant artwork, frame scraps of wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper, as shown in the frames flanking the middle one.

Glass Ball Topiary

A colorful mix of vintage and new glass ball ornaments covering foam balls supported by ribbon-wrapped dowels form festive topiaries. Milk-glass vases add vintage charm.

Paper Statement

Conical shapes grow into statuesque pines simply by rolling handmade papers into points and trimming the bottoms to keep them upright. For a pretty composition, vary the patterns and heights, then glue a gold bead to the top of each cone.

Ornament Napkin Ring

Make ornaments an integral part of your holiday table. Roll crisp napkins and tie a wide length of ribbon loosely around a rolled napkin. Slide a narrow length of ribbon through the knot of the wide ribbon, pull the ends of the wide ribbon to tighten the knot. Thread small ornaments onto each end of the narrow ribbon and secure the ornaments with knots.

Christmas Place Card

Write guests’ names on cardstock, embellish, and punch a hole in the top. Thread a ribbon through the ornament hook and through the punched hole. Add beads to the ribbon ends, securing in place with a dab of glue.