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Hand Sanitizer Teacher Gift


CreateAs my daughter started 2nd grade last week, I like to give the teacher a little ‘beginning of the year’ gift.  As my husband says, I find any excuse to give a gift!!  Here is a little something you can give your child’s teacher any time of the year that is not only decorative, but practical too!

Teacher Gift

You’ll need:

Hand sanitizer with pump

Construction or adhesive backed paper in two-three colors

Glue or double stick tape


How To:

Remove the label from the hand sanitizer (you may need to use an adhesive label remover, like Goo Gone, to do this)

Cut out a flower or other design on two colors of paper.  Attach the smaller design atop of the larger one

Type a message (or have your child hand write it) like “Thanks to you, we’re in good hands”.  Attach message to the top of the design

Tie a ribbon around the top of the bottle underneath the pump

It’s as simple as that!