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Holiday Entertaining Series: Tips & Tricks (Part 3)


CreateWelcome to our third installment in the holiday entertaining series! We had so many great tips to share with you, we decided to spread them out so you could really get the full gist of each one.

Themes aren’t just for birthday parties! Come up with a clever concept to integrate throughout your holiday event. It shows guests that you took the time to think through all of the various touch-points, from the invitation they receive to the box of cookies that they will take home with them at the end of the party. Keep in mind that a theme doesn’t always have to be kitschy; for example, it can be focused on a color palette and/or pattern reminiscent of red/white striped candy canes.

Bake up a big batch of scones or muffins and package them for each guest to bring home for breakfast the next morning. Get creative with the packaging; tulle or holiday-inspired fabric adds a nice touch and your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Toasted Almond Cherry Scones from MyRecipes.com

If hosting a large holiday gathering still has you feeling nervous, consider dialing it back by inviting a small group of people for brunch or tea.  

Offer a festive “house drink” that all can enjoy.  Have a non-alcoholic version for the designated drivers.

Cranberry Mojito from We Are Not Martha


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