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My Big Bargains at Michael’s Craft Store!


CreateOk, last night I made a late night run to Michael’s to utilize my 25% off entire purchase coupon.  I bought $14.06 worth of goodies and here is what I did to make them usable and attractive for my upcoming Thanksgiving dinner.  I even scored an item for $ .01!  I was soo excited when I got home, I got right to work making my creations.

This is what I started with….$14.06 worth of clearance items and along with my 25% off coupon, I got a great deal!  Let’s start with the floral items.

The flower stems cost $.99 each for the three bunches and I splurged for the decorative pick at $2.49.  By using a vase I had handy, and some miniature pine cones I picked up at Walmart the other day for 1.50, I put together this lovely arrangement.

Next was this cute celebration plate I found in the grab bag bin.  Picked it up for $2 before my 25% discount.  I bought on-sale ribbon that cost me $2.99.  I think it came out adorable if I say so myself.

The place card acorns were a great deal for me.  I’ve been eyeing them up for over a month now, but I was too cheap to invest in them.  The final cost for a set of two was $1.49.  Adding some scrap booking paper, I made place cards for side dishes that will reside on the dinner table. I wish they had more, but I only found two packs on my way OUTSIDE the store in the clearance racks.  Had to run back in to buy them :)

And finally the bargain of the night!  This little beauty cost me $.01!  I almost didn’t take it, not knowing how much it cost.  I threw it in the basket at the last minute and Bam….it was basically free.  When I got home, I was so excited I told my husband about my deal…..he wasn’t as excited as I was about my finds.  He was more interested in checking out all the bags I came home with and wondered how much it ALL cost!  OK, back to my pumpkin cage find.

After I looked closely at this, I figured there wasn’t much needed to make this look good.  Yes, there was a vegetable/pick missing from one side, so I figured that side could face the wall.  I know you’re probably laughing right now, but it was 10:30 pm and I was running out of steam.  Removing the price tag and rearranging the leaves and such did wonders.  What do you think?