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Spring Decorating Ideas


CreateYesterday’s high in the New York City hit 70 degrees!  It’s unbelievable that we are seeing these awesome temperatures and it’s giving me the itch to get going on my Spring decorating sooner than expected.  Here are some ideas that can get you started towards the well-anticipated spring season while bringing the freshness of color and style to your home.


Lampshade Liner

(courtesy of Martha Stewart)

Brighten up plain shades with a pretty lining that comes to life when you flip the switch. To construct one: Wrap your shade in kraft paper, as shown below. Using a pencil, mark the top and bottom edges and where the paper’s ends meet. Cut out the template. Trim 1/8 inch from the top and bottom edges. With a pencil, trace the template onto decorative paper (if you need to use more than one sheet, align the design). Cut out the liner. Working in sections, attach liner to the inside of the lampshade along top and bottom edges and to the seam using double-sided tape. Make sure to use a 40-watt bulb or lower.


Lattice Frames

(courtesy of Martha Stewart)

In the garden, latticework is assembled into trellises to form an attractive armature for climbers such as roses, clematis, and morning glories. Indoors, these crisscrossed strips of lath look just as fitting when they are used to make jaunty frames for pressed flowers. Suspend them from chains, and display alone or in casual groupings.

Use a flat-front picture frame as a base. Cut two strips of standard lath 3 inches longer than the frame’s height; then cut two that are equal to the frame’s width from one inside corner to the other.

1. Attach all four pieces to frame with wood glue or hot glue, keeping the pieces flush against one another.

2. Cut two more strips of lath 3 inches wider than the width of the frame, and glue in place horizontally over the first layer. For diagonal corners, cut four strips to 5 1/2 inches each, and attach at 45-degree angles at each corner. Paint if desired, or leave wood natural, and attach cup hooks to hang.


Change the furniture

(courtesy of Midwest Living)

Now’s the time to swap that dark wood bench or upholstered chair for a lighter, spring-colored wicker replacement. Bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms will welcome the warm seasons when filled with wicker or other garden-inspired furniture. New white and bright-color towels (and a lightweight shower curtain) will make you eager to start the day.



Framing scrapbook papers and fabric is an excellent way to add high style to any room. You could easily change out frames with different patterns and colors as you want a new change.


Fruits of the Season

Fruit is a great way to add color for Spring. If you want it to last a long time, there are faux fruits available at all local craft stores, and make a fresh color statement for little money.


Signs of Nature

When decorating for Spring its always fun to bring nature inspired elements indoors. Birdcages are fun decorating items to add into your spring decorating.  Use nests and eggs, candles or other organic items to complete the look.


Toss in the Pillow

Add some fresh and fun accent pillows to your living spaces to energize this spring.  Organic patterns and colors are an easy and inexpensive way to brighten a room while bringing a dazzling perspective to the space.


Sherbet Stripes

(courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens)

Hinge together unfinished bifold doors for a decorative room divider or large work of art. Coat the panels with white primer and then use chalk to define the boundaries of each stripe color. With a large flat brush, lightly fill in the bands using flat latex paint.


Barely There

(courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens)

A simple pair of sheer panels moves with little effort and filters light. Lest you think sheers come only in a plain-white option, check out today’s choices, including pretty pale colors and punchy patterns like the stripe shown here. Curtain clips make it easy to hang and replace later.

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