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Spring Wreaths


CreateWreaths on your front door are a great way to welcome guests to your home.  Here are some unique wreaths that we’ve found to adorn your front door this Spring and Summer.


Cute-As-A-Button Wreath

(inspired by The O’Neil Sisters)

Dress up your door for spring with a colorful button wreath.

What To Do:

This delightful button wreath is simple to make and full of charm. Just wrap a wreath form with ribbon and cover with buttons and tiny knots. Choose tropical colors like turquoise, lime, yellow, and orange for a citrusy look.

You Will Need:

  • 1 wreath form, 8-inch diameter
  • 180 assorted buttons in turquoise, lime, yellow, and orange
  • 3 yards satin turquoise ribbon, ¼-inch wide
  • 2 yards satin lime ribbon, ¼-inch wide
  • 2 yards satin yellow ribbon, ¼-inch wide
  • 2 yards satin orange ribbon, ¼-inch wide
  • 4½ yards orange floral ribbon, 1¼-inch wide
  • 12 flathead straight pins
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

How To:

Step 1

Cover the wreath form by pinning one end of the orange floral ribbon to the wreath form. Wrap the ribbon around the form, pinning every so often until the wreath is covered. Secure the end of the ribbon with a straight pin and trim.

Step 2

Make a hanger for the wreath with a 28-inch length of ¼-inch turquoise ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the form and knot, leaving 12-inch ends.

Step 3

To create the little ribbon ties, cut 8-inch lengths of the ¼-inch wide turquoise, lime, yellow, and orange ribbons. Wrap one length around the wreath, tie into a knot, and trim, leaving 1½-inch ends. Continue, alternating colors every quarter inch, until the wreath form is covered in little knots.

Step 4

To arrange the knots, gently tug them around so they are misaligned, pushing some toward the outside edge and some toward the inside edge of the wreath form.

Step 5

To cover the wreath, hot glue buttons all over the front of the wreath form. Glue the buttons on top of the ribbons, but not over the knots and ties. Trim any hot glue strings. Hang on your door and welcome spring with buttons and bows!

Button Bonanza – Buttons are available in a rainbow of colors, and the sky’s the limit in how you can combine them.

Vintage Variation – If you’re lucky enough to find a jar full of old buttons, wrap up a wreath in antique elegance. Cover the wreath form with wide chestnut ribbon. Then complement the vintage tortoise shell, gold, and pearl buttons with ribbons in ivory, tan, and brown.

Button Baby – Make a darling wreath perfect for a baby shower by choosing a palette of pale pastels. Start by covering the wreath form with a wide aqua ribbon. Choose baby hues for the smaller ribbons and tie the ends into tiny bows. Finally, cover the wreath with buttons in pink, aqua, light yellow, and baby blue.

Solid Style – Make a bold entrance with a modern monochrome wreath. Cover a wreath with a collection of all white shirt buttons for a shabby chic effect. Gather navy buttons and ribbons for a sharp, nautical style. Or make a wreath of red buttons for a look that’s H-O-T!


Baby Grass Wreath

(inspired by Patty Schaffer)

You Will Need:

How To:

    • Start by wrapping the yarn around the wreath and tying a knot to secure the end. Then start wrapping… …and wrapping…. I kept the strands very close together, pushing them closer if needed…just work at a table and pass the skein of yarn through the center of the wreath with each wrap around…..keep wrapping…


  • …and wrapping…. Look! We’re growing baby grass!!!….. keep wrapping….
  • When completely wrapped, add a few spring daisies sprouting up in the baby grass. Cut the daisy trim apart between the flowers
  • Push a pink pearlized pin through the center of the daisy and insert the daisy pin into the foam wreath.
  • I added a wide pink satin ribbon to mine to hang it, and then a cute little sign that says ‘bare feet welcome’



Linen Wreath

(inspired by Beautiful Nest)

What you will need:

  • A wire hanger
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters (I used vise grips. Whatever you use, they just need to be strong enough to cut a hanger!)
  • Linen, or linen “look alike”~ about 2-4 yards, depending.
  • Ribbon or fabric for ribbon (optional)

Note from Beautiful Nest:  I will admit, it was taking so much fabric to make this I didn’t know if I should even share this, as it could potentially get quite expensive. Then I thought of something: if you use a coupon or buy linen on sale at Joann’s for example, it is cheaper, about 7.50 a yard if you can get it half off. BUT, if you buy the linen “look-alike” they sell, and use a coupon, it is only about 3.75 a yard. And who would ever know it was “fake” linen, with it torn into strips for this wreath? :) So I decided to show you this after all!

How To:

For a nice, full wreath, make sure to wash your fabric, and tumble dry. For this project, you actually want wrinkled, crumpled linen! I know it sounds weird, but when you iron it and try to use it for this wreath, it all just kind of flattens together and it doesn’t look right.

1. Rip your fabric into three to four inch width strips. I will admit, tearing linen was a little more work than other fabric, but tearing it gives it even more of a curled, crumpled look.

2. After using your pliers to open your wire hanger, form it into a circle.

3. Poke a hole through the center of one end of your first strip of linen.

4. Just keep poking it through, feeding it onto the hanger into folds.

5. When the wreath is nice and full, use your wire cutters (or vise grips!) to cut the hanger if needed and the pliers to bend/tie the ends together, kind of like this:

6. Put the “tied end” on the side. If it was on the top, all of the fabric wanted to slip toward the bottom. If it was on the bottom, it just didn’t look right.

7. Use a narrow piece of the same linen to make a tie to hang the wreath. It can be easily tucked behind the wreath so you can’t see it.

8. And now you have it: your own linen wreath!


Moss Letter Wreath

(inspired by life love larson)

There is something very simple and elegant about this wreath that I really liked so I included this in the Wreath post.

What You’ll Need:

  • Large letter from a craft store for the first letter of your last name

  • Large bag of Spanish moss
  • Hot glue gun

How To:

  • Hot glue the moss to adhere to the letter in several layers.  There is no right or wrong way Try to keep the fullness of the moss even all the way around the base.  You can choose to keep it looking a little “messy”, or trim the edges all the way around.
  • Finish the project off with some spring-colored ribbon.  Simple, homemade, and inexpensive.

This can also be done with a grapevine wreath as well.


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