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Tea party, anyone?


Create This year, do something extra special for mom on Mother’s Day by inviting her to tea! Create your own chic and sophisticated tea party, complete with finger sandwiches, mini desserts and of course, tea! Here are some of our suggestions for a fabulous tea party that Mom is sure to remember for years to come.

Main Course Finger Sandwiches

Classic Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches – get the recipe

Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches – get the recipe

Cucumber & Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches – get the recipe

Creamy Vegetable Tea Sandwiches – get the recipe

finger sandwiches

Plan on 3–4 sandwiches per person. Use a variety of breads to keep the flavors interesting. For example, you may want to use pumpernickel for the Cucumber & Cream Cheese sandwiches, country white bread for the Egg Salad and Sourdough for the Chicken Salad. Be sure to keep sandwiches covered until you’re ready to serve them to prevent the bread from drying out. To serve, arrange sandwiches on a tiered cake stand. Garnish serving platters with fresh flowers.

Side Dishes & Other Goodies

Round out the meal with a nice array of side dishes and other delicious tidbits. Here are a few ideas to consider.

  • Garden Salad
  • Pasta Salad with Grilled Vegetables, Parsley & Feta – get the recipe

  • Assorted pitted olives (get good quality olives from your local Italian deli or specialty store)
  • Mini quiches – buy store-bought quiche and serve on a pretty pedestal tray

mini quiche

  • Crusty bread & rosemary-garlic infused extra virgin olive oil for dipping. To flavor the olive oil, finely chop fresh rosemary and garlic. Add to extra virgin olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Allow to sit for a while before serving so the oil really absorbs the flavors of the garlic and rosemary.


Elegant, petite desserts are the perfect sweet ending to your tea party. And of course, don’t forget the tea! Have an assortment of teas on hand for Mom to pick from. Slice lemon wedges. If Mom enjoys honey with her tea, choose a good quality honey, like Attiki, which is an aromatic and flavorful Greek honey.   

  • Cupcakes in teacups

Fred & Friends sells an adorable set of silicone cupcake molds that look like teacups called TEACUPCAKES

mini fruit tart

  • Mini cheesecakes topped with fresh fruit

mini cheesecake

For more mini dessert ideas and recipes, visit Woman’s Day and Betty Crocker.

Setting the table

Keep your tablescape simple, but elegant. Lots of fresh flowers, ostrich feathers, pretty plates and tea cups with saucers. If you are lucky enough to have vintage or antique dinnerware, this would be the perfect time to bring it out. Antique shops or flea markets are great places to unique, elegant pieces, like interesting tea pots, that will add visual interest to your table.

tea party

Gift Idea

Don’t forget to send Mom home with a little something to remember this fabulous affair. Make Mom a basket or gift box complete with her own tea set — including the tea! Visit Twinings to check out their vast selection of tea varieties. Be sure to include a tea pot, at least four cups with saucers, a variety of tea bags and some homemade Earl Grey Tea Cookies, as seen on Apartment Therapy. 

earl grey tea cookies