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Thankful Rolls


MakeWhat a great way to start a conversation at the Thanksgiving table!  These Thankful Rolls are like fortune cookies, however instead of fortune, you write personalized messages or questions asking what the receiver is grateful for.

Courtesy of The-Girl-Who-Ate-Everything.com

Here’s how to do it based on the original idea from The Idea Room blogsite.

  • Write down some different questions on a strip of white paper; questions about things that you are thankful for, who you are grateful for, etc.  Don’t forget to include your guests’ names in the questions

Here are some examples of questions:
”Why am I thankful for __(name)___?” Make one for everyone in our family.
Then you can also make up different questions to go in any extra rolls you may have. 1 question per roll.

  • Then simply cut out the questions and fold them up as small as you can. Wrap them in a rectangle of tinfoil.
  • Take your favorite dinner roll recipe (homemade or frozen dough) and roll your dough into small balls. Then take two dough balls and put them together with a note in between them into a greased muffin tin pan. Let them raise the recommended time and bake them as your normally would according to your recipe directions.

Courtesy of The-Girl-Who-Ate-Everything.com

  • Serve them up. Your guests will be delighted to find they have a fun little surprise awaiting them. Just make sure no one eats a note by accident.

These little gems are guaranteed to spark a fun discussion that will help you remember why you are thankful for your friends and family.

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